The Team

Our Team in 2017
REV consists of about 30 full members. We have 3 elected officer positions as well as 3 system lead positions and 3 assistant lead positions.


  • President

    President: Taite Clark

    Taite is a sophomore mechanical engineer from the great state of Vermont. His love of cars was sparked by watching clips from Top Gear as a young lad. He joined REV in the fall of 2017. In his free time, Taite enjoys playing guitar, cycling, skiing, and photography.

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  • Vice President

    Vice President: Montgomery "Blair" Blair

    Blair is studying Computer and Systems Engineering at RPI, specializing in embedded firmware. He has worked on electric vehicles since his senior year in High-School and been a member of REV since his Freshman year. He recently has completed a co-op at the Fluke Corporation.

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  • Project Manager

    Project Manager: Morgan Locandro

    Morgan Locandro is a junior at RPI studying Mechanical Engineering. Morgan joined REV in her Freshman year and has been a major asset to the club since. Having spearheaded the body-chasis design on REV's new car, she quickly emerged as a natural leader. She founded her high school's robotics club and recently completed a co-op at JPL.

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Mechanical System

  • Drivetrain Lead

    Mechanical System Lead: Connor Smith

    Connor is a mechanical engineer at RPI.

  • Body-Chassis Lead

    Assistant Mechanical System Lead: David Burcat

    David is a mechanical engineer at RPI.

Electrical System

  • Electronics Lead

    Electronics System Lead: Kael Kauffman

    Kael is an electrical engineer at RPI.