The Team

Our Team in 2017
REV consists of about 30 full members. We have 3 elected officer positions as well as 2 system lead positions and 2 assistant lead positions.


  • President

    President: Erin Cohen

    Erin is a Junior Computer and Systems Engineering major from New York. He joined REV in the spring of his freshman year, and has worked on the electrical subsystem. Erin likes playing board games, playing the ukulele, making music, and is very interested in robotics.

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  • Vice President

    Vice President: Joe Larue

    Joe is a Sophomore Mechanical Engineering Major. He works on the mechanical system and enjoys building things and machining.

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  • Project Manager

    Project Manager: Bryan McKeever

    Bryan is a Senior Mechanical Engineering major from Massachusetts. He has been a part of REV since his freshman year. Bryan works with mainly the mechanical system. Bryan enjoys anything car related and everything hockey related.

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Mechanical System

  • Drivetrain Lead

    Mechanical System Lead: Patrick Cullather

    Patrick is a senior Mechanical Engineering major at RPI. He is the head designer for our newest car, MAE. Patrick enjoys working with carbon fiber.

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Electrical System

  • Electronics Lead

    Electrical System Lead: Andrew Erickson

    Andrew is the Electrical System Lead.

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