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Statement of Purpose

The Rensselaer Electric Vehicle Team exists to educate Members in the principles of applicable protocols, technical expertise, and professionalism.

Our Team

REV is a student-run club dedicated to building 100% electric vehicles. So far we've made 3 of them: Photon, Tachyon, and Testa. We compete with these cars in competitions like Shell Eco-Marathon, where our cars are evaluated for efficiency, design, and other characteristics.

Our team is organized into two subsystems:

The Mechanical team designs and builds the mechanical systems of the cars: steering, braking, and propulsion. Most of their hands-on work is done in-house at RPI. They also design the car's frameworks and construction, including the chassis, seat, and the outer body.

The Electrical team designs and implements many of the electrical systems of the car, including the battery management systems, and motor controllers, and a new driver interface and diagnostics/data system.

Please contact us to learn more about REV!