Rensselaer Electric Vehicle

We design and build electric cars from the ground up

Rensselaer Electric Vehicle (REV) is a student organization for the design of electric vehicles at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The team, formerly known as the RPI Solar Car Racing Team, has competed in the Shell Eco-marathon since 2011. We have built three cars since we were founded, and in 2014 we hope to compete in a new category, Urban Concept.

Our Team

Our two departments collaborate to create the best possible product

The mechanical team designs the body, chassis, and mechanical systems of our car. They use software such as Solidworks to aid with design, and to vusialize the final project. A lot a machining is done in-house, using RPI's machine shops.

The electrical team creates systems to control the car. They use control hardware such as Arduinos and Rasperry Pi's. Software development in done with C, Python, and bash scripts. They use KiCAD for schematic and PCB design.

Join the Team!

We try to provide a welcoming and open environment

Our club has a strong focus on older members working with new members, and helping incoming students along. We provide opportunities for new students to get hands-on experiance quickly, as well as teach them basic design principles and practices. We meet in Ricketts 212 Tuesdays from 7-8 and Saturdays from 12-3.

We're a pretty great club to join